My recommendations

I will post in this section the products which I consider to be the best and why.

Let's start with the tubulars cement or glue. I used to glue my tubulars with this one and I'm happy to see that it's still being produced. I'm talking about the Velox Tubasti, mastice gutta. Never had problems with it and in my opinion a bit better than the Vittoria glue. On top of that it's one of the cheapest on the market!

I'm also recommending strongly all the Veloflex products, both tyres and tubulars are fantastic. How to legally dope your bike! Veloflex might be slightly more expensive than the competition, but they are still manufactured in Europe and they supply many many professional cycling teams under white label. Veloflex offers the tyres which give you the closest sensation to drive on tubulars! Tubulars are still ahead in my opinion in terms of comfort and precision, but having Veloflex tyres on your rims is the best alternative to tubulars... Have riden many years Wolber, Vittoria, Continental and Michelin, but Veloflex takes it all.

If you want to fine tune your bike, then PMP is your best choice. I'm using their products since 1998 and I just love them. The titanium seatposts are great, not only they look very good on a bike, but they also filtrate a lot of the road vibrations, even when you have a very stiff frame. PMP offers a wide range of products, quick release skewers and bolts are a must.

Using Silca Pompe pumps for almost 20 years, I strongly recommend them! They are reliable and strong, those ones won't let you down!

If you are looking for something exceptionnal, then the Marresi cycling shoes are for you. Made from leather in Italy, they ally a beautiful vintage look and a pure italian style design.

Not a vintage one but probably one of the best cycling apparel manufacturer around these days, namely MEM. Made in Italy, which is getting rare...

SCI-CON s.n.c., established in 1980, had been the first company in Italy which recognized the cycle bags and accessories field as an available commercial area with a certain expanding future. For almost 20 years the company has been projecting and manufacturing bicycle travel bags and under-seat bags. I really recommended those product for their great design, ease of use and durability.